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About RedlineXpo

RedlineXpo is a leading provider of Resort and Souvenir trade shows and conferences across the United States. RedlineXpo is committed to bringing together innovative companies to facilitate the ordering and fulfillment of high-quality products that extend the branding of enterprise companies. RedlineXpo produces The Reunion, an annual expo in Las Vegas, and The Rocky Mountain Apparel, Gift, and Resort Show, a semi-annual expo in Denver. Collectively RedlineXpo events attract thousands of U.S.-based exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees every year.

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RedlineXpo Core Values



Do the right thing, every time.



Own it all, the good and the bad. We're only as strong as word.



We lead based on data and planning, and always through a lens of what's best for our customers.



We put our best effort into everything we do. If it doesn't meet our standards, it doesn't go out the door.



We exist in a tight knit community of businesses, the sum of which is greater than the parts. Together we all succeed.



We work to live, because life's too short not to have fun. Our events are equal parts work and play.

Meet The RedlineXpo Team


Evan Shoda

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CEO / Co-Founder


Matt Miller

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COO / Co-Founder


Dirk von Gal

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Russ Turner

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Director of Sales


Karl Pawlewicz

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Director of Marketing


Jhana Jordan

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Director of Key Accounts


Bonnie Bemister

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Customer Care Coordinator

Why RedlineXpo Events?

“Despite every challenge in the marketplace over the last few years—and there have been a lot—this industry has stayed positive, continued to support one another, and put their heart and soul into everything they produce. RedlineXpo is dedicated to challenging the norms to provide strategically timed events that the industry has been asking for. And while we’re at it, we’re going to bring back the fun that makes this community of buyers and exhibitors so special.”

— Doug Miller, Co-Founder, RedlineXpo

"We ask ourselves daily, ‘What can we do to make our events the best possible experience for exhibitors?’ We pride ourselves on offering very competitive price points for exhibitors; inviting world-class buyers from enterprises around the globe; and providing second-to-none entertainment options for forging new relationships and solidifying existing ones. We're confident you'll leave any RedlineXpo event feeling truly energized.”

Tim von Gal, Co-Founder, RedlineXpo

“We’re always listening to our exhibitors and using their feedback to create events that gives buyers and sellers the ability to fulfill orders for the coming season as well as add products they need to order for immediate delivery. In a just a few shows now the commitments we’ve heard have been so positive there’s no doubt we're moving in the right direction. We can’t wait to see everyone at the next RedlineXpo event.”

— Jhana Jordan, Global Key Account Manager, RedlineXpo

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